Ever since I started drawing and painting as a young girl, I have been creating self-portraits. I was born in Haifa Israel, where I honed my art at home, with the guidance of my architect/sculptor/painter father.

At the age of seven, one of my paintings was selected to be in Israel's largest newspaper art competition, which compelled me to want to show my work to this day.

Upon completing the mandatory military service in Israel's Air Force, I studied Photography at the Witzo Academy in Haifa.

In 1992 I graduated from the Tel – Aviv University before I moved permanently to New York City, where I began to seriously study art.

In Manhattan in the 1990's, I studied extensively at the famous traditional schools: The National Academy of Fine Art, and The Art Student League. I learned the pure art forms: life drawing, painting and printmaking.

I am intrigued by subjects such as body image, beauty, consumption, and the passage of time.

My art has become the visual diary of my life. I believe in the power of art to communicate ideas and emotions. My work is based on my personal experiences and my immediate surroundings.

I am a collector of "Stuff, " and I sometime use it in my work. I like to add textural and decorative elements to my portraits, jewels, pills, feathers, hair, my old wood palette or a pair of panties.

I like to break the flat canvas surface and go beyond simple paint and canvas in order to immerse the work in everyday life, and make my work personal and intimate. My art and my life are one.